Kinski is one of the Nightbreed and good friends with Peloquin. He is one of the first two Nightbreed that Boone encounters within Midian.


According to The Nightbreed Chronicles, Kinski fell in love with a woman but was rejected for his looks. In an effort to win her over, he took Saint-Victor's compound, a drug which allowed the user to reconfigure their looks with the power of their imagination.

However, Saint-Victor's compound caused Kinski to become disoriented. While in his fugue state, he found himself staring at the crescent moon in the night sky, which changed his facial features to reflect what he was looking at.

Upon gaining consciousness once more, Kinski attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself in the Seine. He claims he died and rose to the surface with the moon the following night.

Nightbreed (movie)

Cabal (book)

Kinski does not make an appearance in the novella Cabal. Instead his character is named Jackie and bears a similar appearance to Otis and Clay.